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About us

The Asia Sports Consulting Group (ESCG) is a business entity that complements each other through supplementary competences in the areas of sport consultation, sponsorship, content distribution, rights acquisition, player representation, Asia consulting and the corresponding legal advice. The joint objective of the (ESCG) is to offer our customers a platform for the positioning of their businesses, through the optimal utilization of our competence in the sport industry.
ESCG is based in Munich in Qingadao (China) and soon in Jakarta (Indonesia) as the company has envision the future market of sport industry lies in Asia, with its vast population and passionate interests and support for sport.
By using our network in Germany and throughout Europe, the company provides a massive expertise to help develop sport industry in Asia.
ESCG main vision is to create a business of sport by utilizing the dynamic economy both in Europe and in Asia.
Who is who in ESCG: see motorsport Mr. Armin Gastl and football Mr. Helmut Richter
About us